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>Can anyone please clarify my doubts on the following:
>02.  Whether Jeevatma has any name and form
VA: No.

>03.  Who is responsible for the "First Sin" of human being
VA: Vedanta does not recognize the concept of first sin. Some extinct
schools of Vedanta (like that of Brahmadatta) and some Pancharatrins
(according to Bhamati) believed that the soul was 'created' at a finite
point of time. In general however, it is believed that Jivatma is Anadi, and
the cycle of karma/rebirth has been continuing from eternity in the past
(see a sutra towards the end of BS Chap2, Pada 1).
This latter belief itself leads to some problems because if the Jivas have
existed from eternity and if they have been doing Karma and reaping the
fruit of Karma from eternity, then (intuitively) all should have attained
salvation by now (as reasoned by Sri Ramanuja under BS 2.1.15). The world
then, should be devoid of baddha Jivas. This is incorrect in my opinion,
because it does not take into account the mathematical chance of a Jiva
getting salvation in its current state of existence, and secondly, the
quanity (infinity - infinity) is non-defined in mathematics :-)

There is and was a view that even Mukta Jivas eventually come back to
Samsara to maintain the balance of Mukta vs. Baddha jivatmas. Currently,
this opinion is held by the followers of the Arya Samaj, and a Samkhya Sutra
also seems to allude to this view. And if I recall correctly, the
Panchapadika also quotes this view approvingly. I am sure that the list
members will be able to add much more here.



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