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Prabhujis of Advita-L
Can anyone please clarify my doubts on the following:
01. Meaning of "Anirdeshya Vapuhu" in Vishnu Sahasranama
02. Whether Jeevatma has any name and form
03. Who is responsible for the "First Sin" of human being

02: Asti, Bhati, Priyam, Rupam,Nama chetyamshapanchakam,

Adhyatrayam Brahmarupam, Jagad rupam tatodvayam.

In Drg-Drsya-Viveka it is explained that every entity has five characteristics viz., existance,cognizability,attractiveness,form and name. Of these ,the first three belong to Brahman and the next two to the world. Names and forms are the chief characteristics of Maya.The Jeevatma belongs to this catagory

It is again stated by Shri Shankara,' Jeevo Brahmaiva na paraha'. Meaning the jeeva is verily Brahman and not any other.

03:  In Ashtavakra Samhita Ashtavakra says:

Dharma dharmao sukham dukham manasani na te vibho,

Na kartaasi na bhokthaasi,Muktahevaasi sarvada.

Meaning:Virtue and vice,plreasure and pain,are of the mind,not of you,O all pervading one.You are neither doer or enjoyer.Verily you are ever free. (Thre qurestion of your breing a sinner does not arise!)

Warm regards,

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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