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Jaladhar Vyas wrote:
>4. Gopalayatindra
A commentator on the Upanishads?
>5. Narendra Puri
I don't know this one either.

VA: Gopalayatindra aka Gopalananda wrote a subcommentary on Kathavalli
Bhashya of Bhagvatpada whereas Narendra Puri wrote a subcommentary on the
Chhandogya Upanishad Bhashya.
The edition of the latter I have does not give any info on N P except that
he is clearly a predecessor of Anandagiri (who actually follows him closely
in his own Tika). A signficant feature of N P's Tippana on C U is that it
appears to be the only extant work which quotes lengthy extracts from
Bhaskara's lost commentary on CU. Bhaskara apparently abused Bhagvatpada as
a 'thief' in his own Bhasya on the CU and accuses Bhagvatpada of copying
massively from others' commentaries on CU-- this shows that Bhagvatpada's
commentary was only following an established tradition of commentary/ies on
CU. N P in turn accuses Bhaskara of plaigarizing Shankaracharya's commentary
:-) and returns the compliment. The refutation of Bhaskara's comments on the
Sadvidya section is very signficant. From the New Catalogus Catalogorum, I
was able to get a list of some more works authored by N P (all in
manuscript) but no additional info on what Matha he belonged to and so on.

Apparently, an edition of Gopalanada's work is published by the Anandashrama
(POONA) but I could not procure of a copy of the same. Hiriyanna quotes this
work in a article to the effect that Bhartrprapancha wrote a commentary on
the Kathaka Upanishad as well.

With this clarification, if any list member can point me to any printed
editions of their other works, or post some biographical information, I will
be really very grateful to them.


Vishal Agarwal

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