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Sun May 21 01:47:58 CDT 2000

Dear Friends,

Many thanks for making Ellam Ondre available!  :)

A small clarification about its authorship -- according
to the bibliography in "Living By the Words Of Bhagavan"
which was compiled by David Godman, Ellam Ondre
was written by Vijai R. Subramaniyam. Godman cites
a Tamil edition published in 1935.

According to Godman, the work was translated into
English by "Who" (K. Lakshmana Sarma), a devotee
of Sri Ramana Maharshi's, and published in 1950
in Sri Lanka.  I believe this is the same
translation that you have posted here, and which we have
posted on our website.

I've posted a longer version of these bibliographical
remarks on our website, in case anybody is interested.

Best regards,

Rob Sacks

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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