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Thank you for this information. It will work.

One last question: In A B Keith's ed. of the Aitreya Aranyaka, he says (in
the introd.) that although Sri Shankaracharya's commentary on Aitreya
Aranyaka II.4-6 (=Aitreya Upanishad) is popular, manuscripts of his
commentary in Aitreya Aranyaka III and II.1-3 also exist.

Since Keith wrote in 1905, has this remaining portion been published
anywhere? I used to have access to the Harvard Catalog 3 (HOLLIS) years ago,
but not any longer. I think they had an edition of the text I am searching
for. Could anyone check HOLLIS for me and post the reference so that I could
get it via ILL?

Keith states that Sayana follows Sri Shankaracharya throughOUt in his
commentary on the AA. As an aside, AA II-III is often termed as 'Mahaitareya
Upanishad', with section IV being the Mahanamni hymns (taken from the
Samhitas of the Mandukeya and the Shankhayana shakhas of the Rigveda) and
the last (section V) being the Mahavrata section. Sri Madhvacharya comments
on the entire Mahaitareya, and so does Shadguru Shishya (who takes Aranyaka
V as IV and does not consider the Mahanamni as a separate section).

Thank you in advance.


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They have this in the New York Public Library,-1,0,B/frameset&tkathakopanisat+satikadvayasankarabhasyopeta&1,1

perhaps you can get it on interlibrary loan?

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