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> Narendra Puri wrote a subcommentary on the
>Chhandogya Upanishad Bhashya.
>The edition of the latter I have does not give any info on N P except that
>he is clearly a predecessor of Anandagiri (who actually follows him closely
>in his own Tika).

This is interesting information. Could you share publication details of this
early subcommentary? How is it known that he is prior to Anandagiri?

A signficant feature of N P's Tippana on C U is that it
>appears to be the only extant work which quotes lengthy extracts from
>Bhaskara's lost commentary on CU. Bhaskara apparently abused Bhagvatpada as
>a 'thief' in his own Bhasya on the CU and accuses Bhagvatpada of copying
>massively from others' commentaries on CU-- this shows that Bhagvatpada's
>commentary was only following an established tradition of commentary/ies on
>CU. N P in turn accuses Bhaskara of plaigarizing Shankaracharya's
>:-) and returns the compliment.

This reminds me of a very careful study done by the late Daniel Ingalls,
comparing their two commentaries on the brahmasUtra. He has shown that
entire passages in Bhaskara's commentary are common to Sankaracharya's
commentary, and deduces that both of them seem to have closely followed the
earlier vRttikAra in these sections. Bhaskara also quotes entire passages
from Sankaracharya's gItAbhAshya.


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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