Hymn to Hari-Shankara

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Some time back I read in Sankara Digvijaya (in English) that the Acharya on
his pilgrimage visited the temple of Hari-Shankara. He visited this place
after Gokarna, so it must be close to Gokarna. Here, he composed a beautiful
hymn having a double meaning, so as to refer to both Siva and Vishnu
simulteneously. The diety here is a combined form of Siva and Vishnu with
hand held in a pose indicative of non duality.  He wrote this hymn to dispel
the doubts of people, who looked upon Siva and Vishnu as two. The book in
fact describes the stanzas briefly.

My question is where is this place and which is that hymn?

Thanks in advance,
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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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