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Om shAnthi;

mAyAmthu prakrithim viddhi;
mAyinamcha maheswaram
(Please help me where this quote is from)

srI sankarA in viveka Choodamani:

* YoyamAtmA swayamjyothi pancha-kosha vilakshanam..

* ATha: param bramha sadadvidhIyam..

So can we say, follow advaita as a means (of negating the dualisam and mAyA)
  and the end is ekatam ?

Om tat sat.
Krishna Prasad

Ram Chandran wrote.
>Hari Om;
>Let me add some additional points regarding the terminology, Advaita.
>Panini's Sanskrit grammatical structure is mathematically precise and has
>been recognized most suitable for computer language structure.  For
>computations, binary notations are critical and Sanskrit grammatical
>structure has a built in (natural) binary notation.  Look the following
>pairs of mutually exclusive words:
>Dharma  -  Adharma
>Satyam     -   Asatyam
>Suddham  -  Asuddham
>Nithi      -  Anithi
>Nyayam   -  Anyayam
>Dairyam   -  Adairyam
>etc., etc.,
>We can know everything that we want to know about Dharma by eliminating
>‘Adharma' We can establish Dharma by abolishing Adharma and vice-versa
>establish Adharma by not observing Dharma! The structure is mathematically
>precise without any ambiguities.  A similar statement is possible with
>respect to Satyam, Suddham, Nithi, Nyayam, Dairyam, etc.
>Now let us get back to the word -  Advaitam.
>The associated pair of words are: Dvaitam and Advaitam.  These two are
>mutually exclusive terms and we eliminate Dvaitam then Advaitam is
>established.  More effectively, if we establish Advaitam, we can eliminate
>Dvaitam.   In conclusion, I believe that Advaitam is a better
>than Ekatam.
>Ram Chandran
>Note: Panini's grammatical structure is well recognized by the scientists
>who work in the area of Artificial Intelligence.  A number of journal
>articles have referenced Panini' grammatical structure and its relevance
>computer algorithms.

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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