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Dear Sir
My interest in spirituality started since my childhood days. But it is
only very recently I came in touch with advaita vedanta after taking a
long detour through Buddha, Osho, Krishnamurthy, Raman, Nisargdatta
Maharaj and Ramesh Balsekar. After that I had brief encounters with some
traditional advaita teachers at Rishikesh. While some of them outrightly
rejected to teach to a Kayastha ( which does not exactly fit anywhere into
a four varna model) others were evasive. Presently I am studying Vedanta
under guidance of Sri Uday Acharya and Sri Ram Mohan- both disciples of
Swami Dayananda Saraswati.By the way, I would like to know traditional
stand regarding learning of Vedanta by someone who has not had his

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