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Hello All

Myself Anand Krishnan Iyengar. Adeyan belongs to Poundarigpuram village
Upulliapan Temple in Tanjore District of Tamilnadu. Adeyan is 33 years of
age and belongs to SriVaishnavas followings. We follow Yajur Vedas and
Vishita Adviata Principles. I told the honourable members of the group the
highly respectaable words viz. Sri Vaihnavas , Vishista Advaita etc which
are so much a world in itself and todays world wherein we find difficult
find a Guru with all this knowledge and time of ours to dedicate ourself
learning , understanding , and practising and guiding the aspirants in
future is not a easy task today. Adeyan is sure that today in the worl of
internet it is verymuch possible to among the like minded and
people's group like this to develop, understand and educate the needy with
the knowledge.

This is Adeyan's views and understanding and present state of mind. Adeyan
does not believe in buying and reading books ..without proper guidance
learned ones.

Adeyan is looking forward for gathering , sharing knowledge of Advaita
Philosphy and Principles and Understanding.

Adeyan hopes to convince the members about genuinity and express you all
honourable members to include me as a humble member.


Narayana Narayana

Adeyan Anand Dasan
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