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> > Whats the meaning  "so are you" here - why do you
> say that
> > I'm Maya. Am I not bramhan ?  Kindly explain.
> > Is it not the relationship and the attachments
> thats maya ?
> > Putting namaskaaram - I'm seriously thinking on
> how it could
> > be considered Maya. If everything is bramhan then
> one doing/saying
> namaskaram
> > to any other is neither meaningful nor
> meaningless. Kindly explain this
> > too as I'm trying to learn.

Shree Balasubramanian

In Brahman there are no internal differences. it is
one without a second.  From Gold point there are no
ornaments - ring, bangle etc.

Any existence of a second is only from appearence
point and the appearence of duality or plurality is
maaya.  Taking that apparent plurality as reality is
moha or delusion.

You and the ones to whom you are putting namaskaarama
and the namaskaarama itself are all part of the
duality.  From the point of Brahman, these dualities
cease.  That you notice the duality automatically
means you are already in the maaya.  Now you are
asking the quesion about the reality of this duality
and giving reality to that duality is moha.  In the
realization of that eveything Brahman, even the
questioner and the questions which are part of dualty
ceases. No further communication - period. I am -
existence is my nature one without a second even to
communicate.That is paramaarthika satyam or satyasya
satyam to be realized.

The rest is only an apprence and your very question
implies you are taking the apparence as real.  - There
is statement - one who does not take life seriously is
a fool.  one who seriously takes like seriously is
intelligent but one who seriously does not take life
seriously is wise.  He plays  the game of life
recognzing that is just a play. But he seriously
plays.  Playing itself is fun provided we play
correctly and follwing the rules of the game.
Otherwise it is a bad sport and there is no fun in
that.  Playing itself is for a playing sake.  When we
take the play too seriously then we run into problem
and play is no more fun.  Vyavahaara has to be played
in its sphere follwing the rules of the game. Why
should I follow the rules of the game - becuase I
expect others to follow the rule of the game too. If
people do not follow the rules of the game then there
is no fun in that game.

 Why should I respect others - because I expect others
to respect me - that is what we call dharma.  What I
expect others to do to me I have to do to others and
what I expect others not to do me, I should not do to
others.  I expect others to be kind to me, forgive my
mistakes, be compassionate etc etc and not to lie to
me, not to steal my property etc etc - these are all
part of the rules of the vyavyahaara and rules of the
game of life - what is called dharma. satyam vada,
dharma chara, maatR^idevo bhava etc are all part of
the rules of the game of life or vyavahaara. Each
society makes their own rules - what we call values
and there are universal values, temporal values and
personal values.  Conflicts come when we expect others
to follow the values but we ourselves compromize the

That there is only one Brahman and there is nothing
other than brahman is knowledge.  Please think over
deeply of the analogy I gave about the fundamenal
particles and difference in assemblage.  One is
precious and other or not is a value system that one
associates due to one interest of utility etc.  All
that is again part of vyavahaara.  All dualities exist
in maaya only.

Game is not real then why should I follow the rules if
one ask all it means that you are not sport. If you
want to play the game then you have to follow the
rules of the game. Otherwise the rules of the game
demand that the one who is not following the rules
will be thrown out of that game.

Please think deeply - these are analogies provided to
make one think deeper and most of the confusion is
trying to mix the reference states.

Hari OM!

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