Advaita and Rg veda

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Venkataramani K. wrote:

> Dear Prof. Himanshu,
> Thank you very much for your kind response. I went through the posts you
> referred me to and found them to be highly informative. I will have to read
> them a few more times to understand better. I will certainly get back to
> you with some questions.

You are welcome.

> "You will require some help in deciphering the mantras, unless you know
> the methods already."
> I am new to the vedas. I have only read Bhagavad Gita and parts of Srimad
> Bhagavatam and a few writings of Kanchi paramacharya. So, I will appreciate
> any guidance from you. I have Sri Aurobindo's Secret of the veda, but that
> is only a translation, though it gives me a nice over all picture. Kindly
> tell me how I should approach the vedas.

I find that Shri Jaldharji has already answered this part, from his view
I feel he means the chanting of Vedas, its proper pronounciation, etc.

My attitude is slightly different.

I have seen very nicely constructed Veda Mandirs (temples)  where the volumes
of Vedas are kept and worshipped. Nobody has opened a single book from there
for years! We have made murti of even books of  knowledge!

Of course, tradition should be respected and followed, but also we should keep

our minds open. Even Gaudapada says that Vedas should be accepted with
proper logical analysis and not blindly.

I feel the problems we are finding with "Hinduism" is due to neglecting to
find what is in the Vedas, especially in the Samhita portions.

As far as learning in  person from a Sadguru who has himself learned  from
his Sadguru, I doubt how many you will be able to find who can teach
Samhita portions - not the verbal teaching of Mantras but explain their

As far as I know, RigVeda Samhita is not taught in Ashrams where
Advaita (or any other system) is taught, as a part of learning of a
sanyasi. (I wish I were wrong).

Somehow we have been keeping our ancient texts like RigVeda in owe,
not to be touched, but just respected and talked about. It is high time we
change our attitude. We should approach the texts with respects, but
respect born out of understanding and knowledge.

I am unable to pass an opinion on Shri Aurobindo's Translation of
RigVeda, but I would like to quote (from memory, so approximate)
from what the Tikakara Anandagiri, who has written detailed Tika
on many of the Upanishad Bhasyas of Bhagavan Bhagatpada, has
written :
" the meaning of Vedas is whatever is given by a Realized person."
(most probably in Tika on Mandukya Up. Bhasya)

> Thank you and regards,
> Venkataramani K.

Best wishes and good luck with your Vaidika studies,

-- Himanshu

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