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dear shree swaqminarayan,

thanks for the input. when u use the word aastika, u
probably mean one who believes in the existence of the
God. in the discussion, what is being discussed is the
apparent maya or illusion of the duality of jiva from
the brahman. so we do accept the existence of brahman
is it not?

and while the analogy of awakening and dream state is
very apt and clarifies many points, is talking of a
dream state within another dream state all that apt?
is is not stretching our imagination too far? and why
discuss about the reality or non-reality of the pancha
maha bhootas? in advaita marga, all the bhootas are
considered to be projections of the atman, isn't it?
and that the jivatma thinks itself to be separate from
the paramatma, due to maya, avidya?

it is like a single atom in a crystal lattice thinking
itself to be separate from all other atoms in the
lattice, isn't it? from a limited viewpoint, of the
individual atom, that picture or viewpoint is real, or
true, but from a higher or multi-dimensional point of
view, that atom is just one of many which makes up the
crystal. so, jeevatma is feeling itself to be
different from the paramatma, only due to its limited
consciousness, which can be called maya or avidya. and
the bonds, which hold the atom in its state are the
very links, with which a sentient being in that atom
can connect to all other atoms!

thus, with removal of avidya, the jivatma expands its
consciousness and realises that it is actually part of
a harmonious whole and that there is no real or
fundamental difference between it and other atoms.

i don't know whether the above is logically rigorous
or not. i was just trying to point out in my previous
mail that analogies like the blue sky can be
interpreted or explained through physical laws and so
may not be the ideal vehicles for conveying abstract
philosophical ideas.

thanks to all the group members for their patience and
for correcting errors if any.

swamy sv

--- Swaminarayan T <tvswaminarayan at YAHOO.COM> wrote:
>   swamy swarna <swamyswarna at YAHOO.COM> wrote:
> dear friends,
> . It is said
> that all the visible universe is just one fourth of
> His manifestation!
> So
> the cocept of a blue sky is not real!
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> Dear Shree Swamy,
> All that you have said has to be accepted by any
> aasthika. The point that you are missing is the very
> basic question that is being discussed in this
> thread!
> Granting that we are in jagrut avastha,and all that
> is seen or heard in that avastha by a jiva
> dissappears when the jiva gets into  swapna
> avastha,the intriguing thing is that, when the jiva
> comes back into the jagrut avastha, the things that
> existed earlier in the same avastha continue to be
> there, including all the surroundings  (like blue
> sky ). But the same is not true in the second time
> of the Dream avastha.When the jiva goes to dream
> state ,all that the jiva sees there the second time
> are all totally different than what was seen by the
> jiva when it was in  its previous dream avastha!.
> Here, we can think about the explanation given by
> Himanshuji which is very welcome and which has to be
> granted and thought about further!
> Himanshuji, what you say is very correct.In dream
> state no.1 if the jiva that dreams, dreams in that
> state itself ,which we can call dream state 2 and
> when that jiva wakes up and finds (in that  dream
> state No.1), that whatever  was there in this first
> dream state still exists, as it was ,before the jiva
> had gone into its dream state no.2,it is fully
> acceptable.
>    BUT --- When the jiva wakes up fully and is in
> its jagrut state , the surroundings will be the
> same as the jiva had left it before going into dream
> state and this thing will continue any number of
> times that the jiva leaves this jagrut avastha and
> goes to  swapmna avastha!    And the cycle
> continues!
> We have to therefore make an effort to WAKE UP from
> this Jagrut avastha ALSO and get to the TRUTH !
> Hari Om!
> Swaminarayan
> If I have made any mistake in the above, pl. correct
> me.
> Thanks.
> Swamy SV
> /
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