A question on manifestation of maya

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Hari Om !!

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> dear shree swaqminarayan,

> crystal. so, jeevatma is feeling itself to be
> different from the paramatma, only due to its
> limited
> consciousness, which can be called maya or avidya.
> and
> the bonds, which hold the atom in its state are the
> very links, with which a sentient being in that atom
> can connect to all other atoms!
> thus, with removal of avidya, the jivatma expands
> its
> consciousness and realises that it is actually part
> of
> a harmonious whole and that there is no real or
> fundamental difference between it and other atoms.

With the removal of Avidya, the Jivatma realises that
it is actually the Paramatman (not a part of
paramatman). It would realise that there are no other

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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