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On Fri, 5 Apr 2002, swamy swarna wrote:

> thanks for the input. when u use the word aastika, u
> probably mean one who believes in the existence of the
> God.

Just to interject here.  Although the term astika is popularly used
to mean a theist actually that is not the standard definition.  An astika
is one who says asti (it is so) to the following three questions:

1.  Is there a first cause ("God" might not be a good choice because some
astika darshanas are not theistic in the conventional sense.)

2.  Is there such a thing as an atman?

3.  Are the Vedas authoritative?

Those who answer negatively to  one or more of these questions are
nastikas.  But even amongst those who say yes there is a wide range of

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