Shankara and Tantra

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Thu Apr 4 01:06:00 CST 2002

Legend says that when Bhagatpada went to Kashmir, while on tour of
he fell seriously ill and found that he had no strength in his limbs.
milk-maid who used to delivery milk to him told him :
"you are rejecting Maya, the Shakti of Brahma, how can you have
strength?" and she gave him a bowl of curds (dahi) and he became well
again. Then he composed Anandalahari and Saumdaryalahari, which
are considered authorative texts in Tantra.

As far as I know, Bhagavan Bhasyakara has not given any direct views
on RigVeda Samhita text. If any list member knows about any such
comment, I shall be obliged for details or reference.

Also, in the introduction to my  recent series of postings on "Advaita :

Some Basic Explanations" it was stated that Advaita means to realize
oneness of Maya and Brahman.  I was surprised that there was no
response (positive or negative) from the list members  [frankly, I was
expecting a few brickbats :-) ]

"Advaita philosophy itself is like Brahman - every other philosophy
gets absorbed in it."

-- Himanshu

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