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Hari Om !!

> > I am from a Smartha Iyer Brahmin family of
> Tamilnadu and I regret not
> > having learnt our scriptures. Instead I was just
> aspiring for corporate
> > success. Atleast now I want to learn them
> seriously. Of course, it is
> > better late than never. I am seriously
> contemplating a return to India, so
> > that I can take up a job there and also learn the
> scriptures parallelly.
> That is a good idea and the quickest and surest path
> to success.  But
> don't count America out completely.  Do some
> investigation and you may
> find some elder in your community who can help.

Please consider carefully, the purpose and utility of
learning Veda Samhitas at this age. If I am right, you
and I would have crossed half of our life span by now.
It is totally unwise to return to India to work. I
would rather suggest it only  if it is your intention
not to work for money and pursue spiritual progress.
It is true that you may find a Veda teacher. But is it
really what you want to use this life for ?

The purpose of life is Self Realisation and not
learning the Veda Samhita by rote or even learn the
meaning of those Samhita mantras.

The bay area has many aspirants after Self
Realisation. The local Chinmaya Mission, Vedanta
Society and other religious organisations are active
groups where you may develop more Vedantic knowledge.
You will even find scholars who can teach you Veda
Samhitas, if you can search and if you have interest.
With the better money you earn, you can do more
service to people which is a 'surer' way to spiritual
upliftment than learning Veda Samhitas.

For Self Realisation you do not need to learn Veda
Samhitas. So, please weigh in your true goals and then
reevaluate your options. For the stress and dichotamy
that exists in life, only true changes in Life style,
and correct priorities can make a difference and
provide sustainable spiritual progress.

I am presenting this view, by considering my own
travel through such thought regions.

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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