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riccardonova riccardonova at LIBERO.IT
Fri Apr 12 09:56:39 CDT 2002

Cari tutti

I am new in the list, I know only the very basic concept of Vedanta as from
Swami Vivekananda books (italian translation "Ubaldini editore - Roma ") ,
Christopher Isherwood (Italian translation "SE" ), and mainly from a
Brhaminic family of musicians living in Bangalore .

I am a musician myself and I am writing a new composition using the "S'ri
LalitA SahasranAma " as text (six singers will be involved). I am using as
reference text the Swami Tapasynanda edition.

I would like to have some more knowledge on this kind of poetry - I am
conscious of the beuty conteined in this poem, with the help of
transliteration and translation I can really feel the beuty of it.

Is any body willing  to help me/him in aquiring more knowledge on this topic ?

All the best


Riccardo Nova

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