A question on manifestation of maya

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Dear Srikrishna,

hari om. The 'atom' has now become crystal, which
includes a multitude of atoms including its original
atom. So the atoms still remain atoms but the crystal
realises that it falsely identified itself with an
atom earlier, like a frog in a well thinks that the
well is the whole world or universe.

The atoms cease to exist only in  a theoretical sense
that they are all condensed forms of the same energy
which pervades the whole universe. And since energy
can neither be created nor destroyed, (if we assume
that that law of physics is still valid), what is
apparently being created or destroyed is only a
transformation of one state into another.and only
perception is shifting from one level of consciousness
to another higher level.

so after a jivatma gains moksha, he may still realise
the intrinsic oneness of all jivatmas, without denying
their existence. will that be advaita or not? at
different stages of consciousness, truth appears to be
different, due to perceptional limitations.

kindly clarify. jai sri krishna.

swamy sv

--- Srikrishna Ghadiyaram
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> Hari Om !!
> --- swamy swarna <swamyswarna at YAHOO.COM> wrote:
> > dear shree swaqminarayan,
> >
> > crystal. so, jeevatma is feeling itself to be
> > different from the paramatma, only due to its
> > limited
> > consciousness, which can be called maya or avidya.
> > and
> > the bonds, which hold the atom in its state are
> the
> > very links, with which a sentient being in that
> atom
> > can connect to all other atoms!
> >
> > thus, with removal of avidya, the jivatma expands
> > its
> > consciousness and realises that it is actually
> part
> > of
> > a harmonious whole and that there is no real or
> > fundamental difference between it and other atoms.
> >
> With the removal of Avidya, the Jivatma realises
> that
> it is actually the Paramatman (not a part of
> paramatman). It would realise that there are no
> other
> 'atoms'
> Om Namo Narayanaya !!
> Srikrishna
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