A question on manifestation of maya

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  swamy swarna <swamyswarna at YAHOO.COM> wrote:
so after a jivatma gains moksha, he may still realise
the intrinsic oneness of all jivatmas, without denying
their existence. will that be advaita or not?


How can that be Advaita? For, the scriptures declare:

"Naanyotosti Dhrishta,naanyotosti shrotaa, naanyotosti manta,naanyotosti vigjyaata,

Eshata aatma antaryaami amrutahaa"!

After a jivaatma gains moksha, is it not a state where there is, as per our scriptures:

"Ekameva   advitiyam"

Also :  "Asangohyayam  purushahaa"


different stages of consciousness, truth appears to be
different, due to perceptional limitations.


Pure Conciousness is verily Truth. It cannot be otherwise.

Hari OM!



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