Study of the Vedas

Anand Hudli anandhudli at HOTMAIL.COM
Sat Apr 6 23:48:17 CST 2002

>> > I am from a Smartha Iyer Brahmin family of
>> Tamilnadu and I regret not
>> > having learnt our scriptures. Instead I was just
>> aspiring for corporate
>> > success. Atleast now I want to learn them
>> seriously. Of course, it is
>> > better late than never. I am seriously
>> contemplating a return to India, so
>> > that I can take up a job there and also learn the
>> scriptures parallelly.
>> That is a good idea and the quickest and surest path
>> to success.  But
>> don't count America out completely.  Do some
>> investigation and you may
>> find some elder in your community who can help.
   Having returned to India (two months before the 9-11 tragedy!)
   after a long stay in the US, I have something to say here. I
   still maintain, as I did before I left the US, that India is a
   better place for learning and practising one's dharma, but it is
   not impossible to do the same in the US or other countries.

   For example, in the city of Bangalore where I stay, there are
   sufficient opportunities to study the Vedas (except perhaps the
   atharva veda), VedAngas such as the vyAkaraNa, nirukta, etc.,
   prayoga (practical application of the veda mantras in various
   saMskAras and other ceremonies), upanishads, etc.

   Had I continued to stay in the US, I would not have had such
   opportunities. But I could have afforded to take a couple months
   off each year from work to travel to India and learn what I wanted
   to, although the pace of learning would have been slower. I realize,
   however, that not everyone who lives in the US and
   other countries can manage to take a two-month long vacation every
   year. Some may find the career demands to be overwhelming.


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