Erik Mossel largo at PLANET.NL
Sun Apr 7 05:11:09 CDT 2002

Sri Ganeshaya Namah

Recently visiting an antiquartian bookshop in Amsterdam,. I discovered ?The
Philosophy of Sage Yajnavalkya?. This book by Svami Brahmananda was
originally published 1972 by the Divine Life Society. The copy I found is
the second editon of 1981. The book is a free rendering ?of the
Yajnavalkya-Kanda of the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad as exponded in the Atma

Can anybody of the learned assembly here give more information on the ?Atma
Purana?. The introduction states that this Purana is written by ?the
celeberated Swami Sankarananda [Saraswati], who is supposed to be a Guru of
Swami Vidyaranya of the Panchadasi fame?.
Since I couldn?t find any details about the puranic text, I am interested in
some background details like date, complete edtion (bi-lingual
Sanskrit-English), Who was Swami Shankaranda? Is the original text probably
known under a different name?

Hari OM!

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