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Wed Apr 10 05:22:19 CDT 2002

My opinion ahout the study of the Veda-s.

If one divides the Veda-s into puurvakaanda and
uttarakaanda - one the karmakaanda and the other the
upanishadic portion - after getting exposed to
adviata, I feel it is just a waste of time to spend
time in learning the puurvakanda part.  If one has
time and interest, one can do it. Otherwise it is more
beneficial to spend time in studying the upanishadic
portion under sampradaaya teacher. According to
Shankara study of the karmakaanda portion is neither
necessory nor sufficient for the study of the
uttaramiimaasa -what is needed is only sadhana
chatushhTayam.  Study and practice of the ritualistic
part is not the only way to acquire those required
qualifications for a sadhak.

I would spend my time in developing true Brahmanic
qualities that is moving towards more saatvic nature -
manasaa, vaachaa karmanaa.

Having said that, I must also say that I have helped
build a 'Brahmana vadyaa vasati gruham' in the name of
my father in Anantapur, in Andhara Pradesh - where
free Vedic education as well as Lodging and boarding
are provided for poor Brahmin students economically
poor but enriched intellectually to pursue higher
studies.  We have now 35 students living there and any
one wants to support a student - what I call
'Rushiputra program' - is welcome to contact me.  Here
I am only trying to fight the reverse discriminiation
that these poor boys are facing in their studies.

I feel that we should stop all economic and social
discrimanations on the basis of birth.

Hari OM!

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