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On Wed, 10 Apr 2002, kuntimaddi sadananda wrote:

> My opinion ahout the study of the Veda-s.
> If one divides the Veda-s into puurvakaanda and
> uttarakaanda - one the karmakaanda and the other the
> upanishadic portion - after getting exposed to
> adviata, I feel it is just a waste of time to spend
> time in learning the puurvakanda part.

There are some aspects of our philosophy which are unclear and
people may legitimately offer differing opinions.  This is not
one of them.  "Feelings" should not even enter into the picture.

> If one has
> time and interest, one can do it.

No system of ethics can ever be built on such pernicious notions.  A man
is hungry and there is a McDonalds up ahead.  He says he has neither the
time nor the interest in finding vegetarian food. Is he now justified in
eating meat?  A Kashmiri militant decides to strap on some explosives and
blow himself up.  He says he doesn't have the time or interest in finding
a political solution.  Is it now ok for him to murder others?

Once you accept something as your duty--whatever it is--you will be
interested.  You will find the time.  I bet every single person reading
this got up in the morning and went to work/school etc. and did whatever
they were supposed to do responsibly.  Wouldn't it have been easier to
spend time in bed instead?  More interesting to watch TV instead of work?
As mature people we know we can't do that, we have obligations.  It is so
easy to understand this concept in secular life.  Why is it so difficult
to understand it in spiritual life?

> Otherwise it is more
> beneficial to spend time in studying the upanishadic
> portion under sampradaaya teacher. According to
> Shankara study of the karmakaanda portion is neither
> necessory nor sufficient for the study of the
> uttaramiimaasa -what is needed is only sadhana
> chatushhTayam.  Study and practice of the ritualistic
> part is not the only way to acquire those required
> qualifications for a sadhak.

According to Shankaracharya sannyasa is the number one required
qualification for a sadhaka.  A non-sannyasi no matter how much he
knows about Vedanta is just an amateur.  Nowhere does he suggest that
grhasthas should wholesale abandon their duties.

> I would spend my time in developing true Brahmanic
> qualities that is moving towards more saatvic nature -
> manasaa, vaachaa karmanaa.

That's what karmayoga is all about.  Learning Vedas is only one specific
instance of it for one specific group of people.

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