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> According to Shankaracharya sannyasa is the number
> one required
> qualification for a sadhaka.  A non-sannyasi no
> matter how much he
> knows about Vedanta is just an amateur.  Nowhere
> does he suggest that
> grhasthas should wholesale abandon their duties.

Very correct. In fact sha.nkara explicitly says in his
sUtrabhashhya that karma is very, very essential. Only
it does not directly produce knowledge. He goes so far
to say that we can even loosely say that karma
produces liberation (will mail the quotes when I have
the time).

Another good source is sureshvaras sambandha vArttika.
He explicity warns people not to prematurely abandon
karma. So karma kANDa is very important, perhaps more
than the upanishhads for most of us. Reading
upanishhads, etc without even doing sandhyAvandanam
and such is quite futile. There is no doubt that such
behavior is very good for the ego and not much else.

In any case, the veda-s have many layers of meanings,
so karma kANDa should be studied.


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