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Thu Apr 11 05:44:02 CDT 2002

Well Well Well

Thanks for all the opinions on my opinion saying that
my opinion is wrong!

As for a Shankara's stand on Karmakaanda - I suggest
those interested to read the notes on the puurvapaksha
and siddhata-s related to Brahmasuutra 1 on the
qualifications of Brahmajij~naasa. The notes are
stored in the adviatin archives for those who are
interested. May be one can get them from advaitaL too.

As for as the role of karma itslef here are couple of
Shankara's slokas one form Vivekachudamani and other
from Aatmabodha.

na yogena na saankhyena karmana no na vidyayaa
brhmaatmaikatva bodhena mokshassidhyati naanyathaa||

avirodhitayaa karma avidyaan na vinivarthayeet
vidyaavidyaam nihantyeva tajas timira sanghavat||

Of course you can interpret them to suite your

And that is the end of my opinion on this topic.

Hari OM!

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