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> Well Well Well
> Thanks for all the opinions on my opinion saying that
> my opinion is wrong!

It's like bringing up in a discussion on physics the observation that the
Vishakhapatnam telephone directory doesn't say anything about gravity.
It's not that the opinion is wrong, it's that it is completely beside the

No of course karma isn't necessary for moksha.  But karma means _all_ work
not just rituals.  To want to give up sandhya but not cars, computers and
other materialistic toys is not enlightenment but only hypocrisy.

Don't get hung up on the fact that the specific instance of swadharma we
have been discussing is veda adhyayana.  A bigger issue is at stake.

The Vedic path is twofold:

pravrtti -- goals are dharma, artha, and kama.  method is action
nivrtti -- goal is moksha, method is vairagya.

Within pravrttimarga as well there is a two-fold distinction between karma
for the sake of karma (i.e a desire for heaven or material pleasure etc.)
and karma performed dispassionately out of a sense of duty and as a
sacrifice to the Lord.  The second type is still karma so it cannot
'cause' moksha but it can destroy the barriers that cause the
non-apprehension of the freedom that is eternally yours.  Thus the second
type (karmayoga) will help you develop vairagya and atleast not mire you
further in desires.

So I think for readers the choice should be clear.  Advaita Vedanta gives
you two choices.  Give up karma altogether or if you must practice it,
do it responsibly and without ego.  Just don't be one of those people who
are neither fish nor fowl.  They will never get anywhere.

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