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>--- "Jaldhar H. Vyas" <jaldhar at BRAINCELLS.COM> wrote:
>> Lalita Sahasranama is part of Brahmanda Purana which is a "public"
>> work.
>> Perhaps it is only the esoteric meaning which is secret.  That's what
>> Shri
>> Bhaskararaya  says about Chandi Patha which as part of the Markandeya
>> Purana is in the same class.
>Yes, it is work in puraNa and it is open to all varNa-s and gender.
>Yet, phala shruti says initiation to shrii vidya is required(unless you
>dismiss it as artha vaada). If you have the text the phala shruti of
>either lalita sahasranaama and lalita trishati, please read and it will
>make it clear.

Unfortunatly in my edition "Sri RamaKrishna Math Mylapore, Chennai 600 004"
the Phala shruti is not included, a very brief description of it's contents
is reported in the Preface by the editor.

As a musician I am very much interested in the musical qualities of this
text end his hipnotic and repetitive structure; also the meditations on the
meanig of the various manifestations/functions is helping me a lot
inproving my spiritual life _ "Om Isvaryai namaha " _  I am therefore
intrested in the musical implication of this text and in it's astonishing
message for mankind -
Thanks for reminding to me that full respect should be given to such a text.

"Om catuh sasti kalA mayyai namaha "

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