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On Fri, 12 Apr 2002 12:14:56 -0700, Ravisankar S. Mayavaram
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>These restrictions are there not because of the esoteric meaning -- but
>because the naama/mantra distinction (IMO). Take the name
>1) I could use it as naama to refer, like I refer you as Jaldhar.
>2) I could use it as a namaa to adore HER, as SHE who can destroy all
>diseases (with expecting nothing from HER).
>3) Use it as a mantra prayoga to ward of diseases. That is exploiting
>the power behind it.
>Typically if one can draw a clear line between #2 and #3 and chant it
>without expecting any kaamya phalam, it should not be a problem. But it
>is difficult for an ordinary man. If someone in his house is not well,
>when chanting this stotram he/she may without his/her knowledge long
>that ambaaL heal the diseases when this name (or say roga parvata
>dambholiH) occurs.  Then you are not just adoring HER, but trying to
>exploit the power of it. That is the danger line and it requires
>certain understanding and responsibility. That is why even though it is
>sahasranaama or it is like sahasra mantra (more so with trishati -- as
>explicitly hayagriiva tells agastya that these are not just naama-s but


Could you please explain why using the mantra power behind the naama you
have mentioned above would require initiation?


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