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On Fri, 12 Apr 2002 21:02:07 -0700, Srikrishna Ghadiyaram
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>The ultimate Swadharma is Selfhood. Yes, many of us
>including our ancestors have gone away from our
>Selfhood. So, we should not just get stuck with
>Profession and livelyhood only as our Swadharma. I
>believe, depending on our eagerness and intensity of
>desire, we should continue our lively hood activity
>and start travelling towards our Selfhood which is our
>Swa Dharma.

I doubt that we can mix up Swaroopa and Swadharma. Selfhood/Brahman is our
Swaroopa. How can it be a dharma, which entails some form of karma. As a
rhetorical question, we can logically ask whether a Jivanmukta is to follow
any dharma. The answer would be no, IMO.

>It is a practice to shed our mental views of
>differences and start thinking  all beings as ONE.
>Ofcourse, this is not a miracle transformation, but
>try we must. It is our Swadharma.

But that practice must come through a mechanism that is tried and tested.
It cannot just appear without adequate preparation, and that is why
karmakanda is a must for non-Sannyasis. Secular actions consist of samaanya
dharma and they are the same for everyone and include, looking upon
everyone as a creation/manifestation of the Supreme.


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