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Hari Om !!

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> >The ultimate Swadharma is Selfhood. Yes, many of us
> >including our ancestors have gone away from our
> >Selfhood. So, we should not just get stuck with
> >Profession and livelyhood only as our Swadharma. I
> >believe, depending on our eagerness and intensity
> of
> >desire, we should continue our lively hood activity
> >and start travelling towards our Selfhood which is
> our
> >Swa Dharma.
> >
> I doubt that we can mix up Swaroopa and Swadharma.
> Selfhood/Brahman is our
> Swaroopa. How can it be a dharma, which entails some
> form of karma.

This question is based on your limited interpretation
of the word Dharma. If your interpretation is the only
correct one, then what does it mean to say, "Dharmo
rakshati Rakshitah" ? Should we infer as "Karmo
Rakshati Rakshitah" ?????

In my view, SwaDharma as 'one's enjoined duty' is for
the one who is not yet in the reach of Selfhood.

> As a
> rhetorical question, we can logically ask whether a
> Jivanmukta is to follow
> any dharma. The answer would be no, IMO.

Again this is based on your limited interpretation. A
Jivanmukta is always abiding in His Dharma. As a
rhetorical question, we can logically ask what is the
Swarupa of a Jivanmukta .

Possibly, there can not be a Dharma without Swarupa.

What is the Dharma of Sugar ? What is the Dharma of
wind ? So, also what is the Dharma of a Being ?

As sugar can not be without being sweet; as wind can
not be without motion, and mixed up with the smells it
carries, a Being can not be without its Being.

Just as wind carries and remains in motion without
being tainted with the fragrance it carries, we should
remain in our Swadharma of Sat-Chit-Ananda Niranjana
etc.. moving with the worldly duties.

So, please expand your definition of Dharma.

> >It is a practice to shed our mental views of
> >differences and start thinking  all beings as ONE.
> >Ofcourse, this is not a miracle transformation, but
> >try we must. It is our Swadharma.
> >
> But that practice must come through a mechanism that
> is tried and tested.
> It cannot just appear without adequate preparation,
> and that is why
> karmakanda is a must for non-Sannyasis. Secular
> actions consist of samaanya
> dharma and they are the same for everyone and
> include, looking upon
> everyone as a creation/manifestation of the Supreme.
> ashish

You are so much looking for mechanisms that it will
require some changed thinking so get away from
dependence on Karmakanda, in its narrow sense.

In Devi Mahatmyam there is a verse which describes
Intelligence as  the form of Devi expressing in
Sattvic, Rajasic, Tamasic forms of intelligence. There
is a subtle gradation in Intelligence, based on which
one is able to understand say scriptures or not. But,
the same person may be skilled in worldly affairs, yet
there is another person who is intelligent in cheating

In a similar way, possibly, Dharma should be defined
form these three aspects.

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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