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> Could you please explain why using the mantra power behind the naama
> you
> have mentioned above would require initiation?

Because it comes with some responsibility and understanding. And a guru
will ensure that you have them before giving it to you.

If one does not have that prerequisites, the results may be
detrimental. To give an example -- fire can used to cook or to burn a
building down. One has to exercise some degree of understanding in
simple things like using a cooking range or driving. Always they warn
not let children meddle with it. Like little children do not know what
is dangerous or not (you have to spend so much care to baby proof one's
home, even then adults supervision is required), people without
necessary background may not know. That is why guru's guidance is
required. Even thing like pronunciations make so much change -- compare
akaala mRtyu haraNam and akaala mRtyu karaNam (in modern tamil where
the discard grantha characters they write both as haraNam and karaNam
as karaNam -- you should know the context!!!)

In the case of lalita sahasrnaama, Sri Vidya is like super user
password, if one has that one has  that (it is assumed) that one will
use the features responsibily.

There is nice story by Sage ramaNa (briefly - from memory)

A minister came late to a kings' court. King enquired and the minister
told that it took him long as he was meditating on a mantra. (after
some discussion), king insisted again and again the minister to
initiate him to that. But minister refused saying that the king does
not have the necessary background. After some time not withstanding
this pestering, the minister ordered the guards "Arrest this fool and
put him prison". Guards were stunned. None would dare to say such thing
against the king. They all remained silent. But minister went on
insisting his demand. Finally the king got irritated and said "Arrest
this fool and put him in prison". Immediately the guards rushed and
arrested the minister. Then minister remarked -- words uttered by you
and me were the same, yet the results are so different. Because, I
lacked the authority, which you had. Same is with the mantra.

(refer to ramaNa's talks for a better version of this - i dont remember
the book name either)

ambaaL daasan


sharaNAgata raxakI nivEyani sadA ninnu nammiti mInAxI

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