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[Was Re: Shankaracharya on Ramana Maharshi ]

On Sat, 20 Apr 2002, Hemant wrote:

> The web site is accessible from the Advaita Vedanta home-page from the
> link 'Links under construction' The Article is by John Hughes.

Thankyou.  I've been in hospital the last couple of days recovering from a
minor surgical procedure which gave me some time to read about this a bit

According to this darshan, Shiva Bhagawan in order to enjoy His own nature
takes the form of the material universe which is a reflection of Him.
(this view is called pratibimbavada.)  As the link you mentioned points
out, this is quite different from Advaita Vedanta where names and forms
are only superimpositions.  What I don't understand is how if all names
and forms are real and share in the Shivatattva, then what is the use of
mukti (or any philosophy that aims to give mukti?)  And why does
Shiva Bhagawan need to "enjoy His own nature?".  It seems to me that these
Shaivas really cannot be called non-dualists at all.

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