Kashmiri Shaivism

Tue Apr 30 14:19:09 CDT 2002

Dear Jaldar:

There is 'no conflict between Kashmiri Shivism and
Advaita Vedanta' is the instruction of Muktananda
Paramahansa, preemminent kundalini master and founder
of Siddha Yoga.

The idea that the world is a 'reflection' in Shivism
and a 'superimposition' in Advaita are not
contradictory. First both are just that 'ideas', they
indicate that the world is a temporal play of
consciousness. Either a reflection or a superimposition
the world is an 'empirical' experience of the observer.

The question is 'Who is the observer? When the observer
has merged with the observed, both disappear in pure
awareness. There is no body, no mind, no
object...indeed no world. All has merged in the
brightness of seeing.

The identity of the seer, independent of even tradtion
- is the witness to the unalloyed flow of Truth alone.
>From the point of view of eternity, the fragrance of
the seer - the world does not 'exist' as such for
either tradition. All forms are impermanent. All forms
are insentient. The spirit alone is the sentient seer.
The Self within.

Form enables us to extract knowledge from the plenum of
Truth. Thus form enables us to expand our minds and
hearts until the identity of the observer has merged
with the supreme source. The Absolute. Spirit without

This is my understanding.

Chareles Balducci

On Mon, 29 April 2002, "Jaldhar H. Vyas" wrote

> According to this darshan, Shiva Bhagawan in order to
enjoy His own nature
> takes the form of the material universe which is a
reflection of Him.
> (this view is called pratibimbavada.)  As the link
you mentioned points
> out, this is quite different from Advaita Vedanta
where names and forms
> are only superimpositions.  What I don't understand
is how if all names
> and forms are real and share in the Shivatattva, then
what is the use of
> mukti (or any philosophy that aims to give mukti?)
And why does
> Shiva Bhagawan need to "enjoy His own nature?".  It
seems to me that these
> Shaivas really cannot be called non-dualists at all.
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