Essay on creation and evolution

riccardonova riccardonova at LIBERO.IT
Thu Jul 4 17:10:40 CDT 2002

>For a long time I have been trying to understand how
>classical science and pauranic accounts fit together.
>Later I moved from classical science to quantum theory
>and from puranas to yoga and vedanta. Then things were
>somewhat easier to reconcile. The essay uploaded at the
>link is a summary of how in my opinion science and
>yoga/vedanta/pauranic accounts fit together.
>The article takes drshti-srshti-vada (see the homepage
>of this list, under the topic creation) type approach.
>(Although on surface it looks like dvaita.)
>If I see some more interesting connections I will add
>to them that essay.
>Thanks for your interest.
>Best regards
>Shrinivas Gadkari

Thanks a lot Shrinivas Gadkari,

I did enjoy very much the reading of ur article, it's written in a very
simple style but the concepts which are expressed are so beutyfully
rendered. Some time it's difficolt for me to go deeply into all the email
of the list, your aproach is very fresh and yet very much inspiring. I
think didatically very usefull.....!! Please send more article

Bhadram Astu

Riccardo Nova

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