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introduction from jvmathew
respected sir
  my name is John V mathew, and iam studying christian theology and
faith in a seminary in Pune. I have tremendous respect and admiration
for Sankaracarya for his profound philosophy. my interest in advaita
vedanta grew out of my own personal conviction that all reality is one
and is moving towards a particular cosmic power, whose essence is itself
truth, that this reality seeks. we in our seminary study indian
philosophical systems especially upanishidic. i firmly believe that
advaita can solve all the problems and  violence in the world ,
especially communal if we all believe that we are part of the same
source i.e. Brahman, and there is no differnce betwen me and my
neighbour. what matters most are our internals and not the externals in
our religious systems.
my aim is to study and experience the advaita philosophy as advocated my
shankaracarya , and compare it with christian thought, and see points of
similarities between them and see its relevance for christian theology.

iam a christian and my approach will be of respect and of gaining an
iner experience through advaita. when we see that all things on the
earth is just maya, diffrentiated by just name and form,  and that the
absolute dwells in each one of us, surely all inequalities of our
society wil end. i believe that this is the greatest contribution that
Sankaracarya did for us.

so i request you to kindly admit me in the list.
thanking you

John V Mathew
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