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> Small correction in the following -
> aiuN | R^iL^ik | eo~N | aiauch | hayavaraT | laN | ~nama~NaNanam | jabha~n |
>                                                                    ^^^^^^^
> The last one above should be jhabha~n - containing the aspirated consonants.

Whoops.  yes that was a typo on my part.

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> 788-820 as dates for Shankaracharyas' life, it is quite conceivable
> that
> he knew of Christians as well as Jews (also well-established by
> that time)
> and perhaps Muslims.  Yet there is no mention of them anywhere in
> his
> works

Namaster Jaldharji and Rev.Matthews,

I had a Syrian Catholic Christian from Kottayam as my roomie in Iowa
State. He was very ecumenical in his outlook and thought. I had good
discussions with him many times. Now that I am at the University of
Texas,Austin we do discuss many issues at times through email.

He mentioned the brief origin of the Mar Thoma Church. Historically,
many Syrian Christians and indeed most of the Christians from Kerala
belong to either the Mar Thoma church following long established
Malayalam Rites, while the others (Roman Catholic) follow Latin

Here, Christianity that exsisted in Kerala, before the Arrival of the
Portuguese in Cochin, the Mar Thoma church has been historically free
from the jurisdiction of the Vatican. One of the notable differences
in the Cross of the Mar Thoma church which is quite different from
the Cross that we see today.

FYI, Vasco Da Gama arrives in Cochin in 1498 CE. This is after Sri
Adi Shankaracharya's provenance and indeed Ramanujacharya's
provenance as well.

The point is that, it might not be coceivable to state that
Shankaracharya acknowledge the presence of Jews since they were a
very very small community, essentially indianising their traditions
and were a non-prosleytising lot. This would apply to Mar Thoma
Christians as well. It is one group of mar thoma christians who come
under the pope, essentially becoming Syrian Catholic instead of plain
Syrian. So this happens after Shankara and Ramanuja.

But, there is mention of the Turks by Vedanta Desika as Turushka.
Which means Islam was kind of recognised as a religion around the
14th Century CE.

Hence, I do not feel that Shankara did know a lot about Jews and the
Syrian Christians.

tasmAn na vij~nAnam Rte 'sti ki~ncit kvacit kadAcid dvija vastu jAtam
vij~nAnam ekaM nijakarmabhedavibhinnacittair bahudhAbhyupetam //

Therefore, O twice-born one, apart from consciousness no
substance ever arises anywhere. The one consciousness is
variously perceived by those whose minds are differentiated by
the distinctions of their own actions.

Vishnu Purana 2.12.44


Malolan Cadambi

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