Vidyasankar vsundaresan at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Jul 12 12:06:42 CDT 2002

>exist on its own", then the question of snake disappearing and necklace
>retaining its shape will not cause conflict.  Whether the names and forms
>are retained or not, they depend upon a substratum (sat) and do not exist
>their own is a significant fact.

The discussion of mithyA does not end there. The further question is
whether said things exist at all. And in advaita vedAnta, we say that as
per the higher definition of the verb, "to exist" (the paramArtha satya),
only the independent reality exists.

>So far, except Sri Anand Hudli, nobody has really discussed seriously the
>question: "What is mityA?".  An analysis on those lines is an important
>ingredient for any useful discussion on advaita.  So far we have only one
>source Sri Anand H.

Why the alas?!! One good writer and thinker like Sri Anand Hudli, who also
understands the texts really well, is quite good.

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