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Fri Jul 12 13:03:16 CDT 2002

Sri Vidyasankar wrote:

The discussion of mithyA does not end there. The further question is
whether said things exist at all. And in advaita vedAnta, we say that as
per the higher definition of the verb, "to exist" (the paramArtha satya),
only the independent reality exists.

Ok.  Then I have to learn a lot more.

Is this question dealt with in any of the Upanishads' commentaries by Sri
Shankara or is the answer to this question available only in ancillary
texts?  Only reason I am asking is that I am currently not ready
(knowledge-wise) to read texts like chitsukhi, khaNDanakhaNDakhAdya or even
advaita-siddhi.  I would like to focus on Upanishads and Sri Shankara.

Sri Vidyasankar:

>Why the alas?!! One good writer and thinker like Sri Anand Hudli, who also
>understands the texts really well, is quite good.

WHOOPS!! No offence meant at all.  The only reason I wrote is that when
different people express, some of the ideas not clear in one exposition
might be clarified in the other, like having different Upanishads with
different methodologies of exposition of the same Truth.  As an example,
when you and Sri Ravi participated in the discussion on the second defintion
of falsity, and in Sri AH's replies more points became clearer.  In that


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