"Jagat satya!"

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Dear Sirs,


Sri Ramakrishna had certain things to say about
vedanta which is peculiar to Him. He refused to say
that the "jagat" is "mithya". Though a vedantist to
the core (He belonged to the Dashnami group) He was of
the opinion that the world was as
real as the consciousness behind it for had not God
become the world? How can God be "mithya"!.

He considered duality to be a stepping stone to
nonduality. He said that when one reaches the roof one
finds that the staircase is made up of the same cement
and bricks as the roof.

He advised his devotees to enjoy the "lila" even after
realising the "nitya". He rued that He Himself had
opted out of the game by burning His bridges behind

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Jagannath Chatterjee
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I sincerely hope I haven't stirred the hornets nest!

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