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> > He advised his devotees to enjoy the "lila" even
> after
> > realising the "nitya".
> Dear Sri.Jagat,
> A very interesting post from you. Just a quick
> question. After realizing
> transcendence does a person still find material
> world interesting? In other
> words, after someone becomes a "jivan mukta", does
> the state duality even
> exist for him?
> Regards,
> K.Venkataramani

Dear Mr Venkatramani,

There are two kinds of devotees, one is satisfied only
with his own salvation, the other returns to the world
to teach. Sri Sri Sankaracharya, Sukhadeva belonged to
the later class. They retained the "Vidya's Ego"
according to Sri Ramakrishna, so that they could chart
out the salvation for the world.

Whether the state of duality exists for the "jivan
mukta" is an interesting poser. What their feelings
would be to experience the duality while being acutely
aware of the nondual world is for a "jivan mukta" to
say! I wonder if Sri Sri Sankaracarya has revealed
anything to in this regard. Maybe the experience is
hidden in his work, "Aparokshanubhuti". Can anyone
enlighten us?



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