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Hari Om. Sri Janaka, the King of Videha, was also
considered to be a Jeevanmukta. In fact Sri Veda
Vyasa, Sri Janaka's Guru, sends his son Sri Suka to
King Janaka for getting clarifications!

Sri Krishna proclaims Himself to be free of all Karma,
in His Gita, but assures Sri Arjuna that He does not
stop doing Karma, but does whatever He has to do, as
an example to others! And He enjoys whatever is
happening. He 'enjoyed' the destruction of the Yadava
Dynasty and His own shedding His mortal coil at the
hands of a hunter.

So a Jeevanmukta, takes part in the drama that is life
like a consummate actor, fully conscious himself that
he is only acting that role, but acting so well as to
make others forget for the moment that he is different
from the role which he is playing.

Late Sri N.T.Rama Rao, a great Telugu Cine Actor was
so good at acting the roles of Sri Rama, Sri Krishna
etc., in mythological films that people used to bow to
him and touch his feet, and I certainly feel they were
bowing and paying respect to the Krishna whom they
were seeing in him. Unfortunately all that adulation
got to his head and he started believing that he was
indeed God!

A Jeevanmukta, like Sri Bhagawan Ramana Maharshi in
the recent years, is obviously free from such dangers.

What Sri Sankara said on the subject will be
interesting if some scholar can locate suitable

Swamy SV

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> > > He advised his devotees to enjoy the "lila" even
> > after
> > > realising the "nitya".
> >
> > Dear Sri.Jagat,
> >
> > A very interesting post from you. Just a quick
> > question. After realizing
> > transcendence does a person still find material
> > world interesting? In other
> > words, after someone becomes a "jivan mukta", does
> > the state duality even
> > exist for him?
> >
> > Regards,
> > K.Venkataramani
> Dear Mr Venkatramani,
> There are two kinds of devotees, one is satisfied
> only
> with his own salvation, the other returns to the
> world
> to teach. Sri Sri Sankaracharya, Sukhadeva belonged
> to
> the later class. They retained the "Vidya's Ego"
> according to Sri Ramakrishna, so that they could
> chart
> out the salvation for the world.
> Whether the state of duality exists for the "jivan
> mukta" is an interesting poser. What their feelings
> would be to experience the duality while being
> acutely
> aware of the nondual world is for a "jivan mukta" to
> say! I wonder if Sri Sri Sankaracarya has revealed
> anything to in this regard. Maybe the experience is
> hidden in his work, "Aparokshanubhuti". Can anyone
> enlighten us?
> Namaskar.
> Jagannath.
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