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> There are two kinds of devotees, one is satisfied
> only
> with his own salvation, the other returns to the
> world
> to teach. Sri Sri Sankaracharya, Sukhadeva belonged
> to
> the later class. They retained the "Vidya's Ego"
> according to Sri Ramakrishna, so that they could
> chart
> out the salvation for the world.

According to Ramana Maharshi, "For the Self-realized,
there are no others to teach."

It is only we, the ignorant, who see Shankaracharya
and Shuka as teachers. It is only the ignorant who see
"others". Period.

For this and other differences between the teachings
of Sri Ramakrishna and the philosophy of advaita, Sri
Ramakrishna is generally not accepted as an authority
on this list.

> Whether the state of duality exists for the "jivan
> mukta" is an interesting poser.

Interesting, but not unanswered! The answer is that
there is no duality for the jIvanmukta.

> What their feelings
> would be to experience the duality while being
> acutely
> aware of the nondual world is for a "jivan mukta" to
> say! I wonder if Sri Sri Sankaracarya has revealed
> anything to in this regard. Maybe the experience is
> hidden in his work, "Aparokshanubhuti". Can anyone
> enlighten us?

Jaldhar Vyas has been translating the work
"jIvanmuktiviveka" by H.H. Swami Vidyaranya, on this

> Namaskar.
> Jagannath.



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Srimathe narAyanAya namaha

Dear Members,

I am looking for a good translation (either in English or Kannada) or
any commentaries on the purva mimAmsa, specifically the rig veda
samhitam and other early canonical texts.

I would also like to know if any acharya from the Advaita Darsanam
has written a commentary on the rig veda samhitam other than
Sayanacharya of the Vijayanagar Kingdom.


Malolan Cadambi

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