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On Sun, 14 Jul 2002, Malolan R Cadambi wrote:

> Sri:
> Srimathe narAyanAya namaha
> Dear Members,
> I am looking for a good translation (either in English or Kannada) or
> any commentaries on the purva mimAmsa, specifically the rig veda
> samhitam and other early canonical texts.

I believe there are two pre-Sayanacharya commentators on Rk Samhita,
Skandaswami, and Shadgurushishya.  I don't know which sampradaya they
belong to and I think their bhashyas are not complete.  As is often the
case in Sanskrit literature, Shayanacharyas' monumental work eclipsed all

> I would also like to know if any acharya from the Advaita Darsanam
> has written a commentary on the rig veda samhitam other than
> Sayanacharya of the Vijayanagar Kingdom.

Many of the famous Mimamsakas have been Advaitins in their sannyasa
ashrama.  But I don't know if they wrote Vedabhashyas.

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