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> That is an upasana or meditation which despite being
> located in an
> upanishad is part of the karmakanda and thus any
> tradition about its' use
> would be restricted to those qualified for it.  What
> did Swami
> Nikhilananda say?

Namaste Jaldhar,

Many thanks again for further clarification.
Swami Nikhilananda does not say much. Here is his
commentary on the verse:
Tavana: One of the mystical epithets which the Vedic
seers used in worshipping Brahman
Adorable etc.: Because Brahman is the inmost self of
Desire etc.: as they desire Brahman.

That's all. I had been interested in this verse when I
was doing my own study and then someone in a group
study of the Kena Upanishad settled on this verse and
posed the question.
This man is devotional in his practice but had an
outstanding experience of unity as a young boy which
has given him the insight to go beyond the usual
devotional path. However he clings to the devotional
and wishes to have this element in his spiritual
practice. We had a discussion of the place of worship
in an advaitin interpretation of the verse which
caused me to say that I would look up the Swami's
reference if possible.

Best wishes

Ken Knight
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