"Jagat satya!"

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>namaste Ashish:
>Sri Ramakrishna himself claims that he is an avatara of Lord Narayana
>-- he is emphatic that he is not talking in metaphysical sense, lest
>Vivekananda might misinterpret it that way (see Gospel just before he
>passes away). There are differences between avatara of iishvara and
>Of course whether you accept his claim or not is a matter of faith.

Namaste Ravi

Thanks for pointing that out. It is my mistake - I did not use the correct
terminology. But I had used the word jivanmukta loosely to indicate one
who knows his own true Self.

Swami Vivekananda doubted Sri Ramakrishna even as the latter lay dying. I
think this is when he mentioned to him as to why he doubted him (Sri
Ramakrishna). It was Him - Rama and Krishna - all the while.

In another portion, Sri Ramakrishna mentions that he was Narayana and
Swami Vivekananda was the Rishi Nara who had been born (the story of the
little child who bothers Rishi Nara in his samaadhi and forces him to go
with him).

It is not just a matter of faith - I think if I delve too much on saints'
words, I easily get lost. One says do this and another says do that. Swami
Sivananda says do yoga and don't drink chai (tea), Hanumanji says serve
and love everyone and "take chai". I tell myself, best to surrender your
intellect and your understanding and just do what makes your heart pure.

Of course, this is my experience. Others may have separate


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