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Swarna Venkateswara Swamy truthseeker123x at YAHOO.COM
Sun Jul 21 06:14:49 CDT 2002

Dear Ashish,

I was intrigued by "Hanumanji says drink chai". Who
was or is Hanumanji? May be if you are doing yoga,
chai may not be good. If you serve and love everyone,
your health, spiritual, mental and physical will be so
good that you can take chai or liquor and still be

Narayana (the eternal companion of nara) may be
different from Narayana, the Supreme deity. Just like
I, Venkateswara Swamy, am different from Venkateswara
Swamy of Tirumala! How to know, after all these
thousands of years? Just a thought!

By the way, there is an interesting story about the
time Sri Ramakrishna passed away. Shri Sai Baba of
Shirdi, went into Samadhi for 3 days. His body didn't
show any sign of life but did not decay. On return to
consciousness, He (Baba) told his devotees that He
wanted to cast off His body but was not allowed by
Allah. Baba told His devotees that His brother,
Gadadhar (Sri Ramakrishna) wanted to leave this earth
plane, so Allah asked Baba to take that work too and
asked Him to return to earth. And shortly the news of
Sri Ramakrishna's passing away reached Shirdi.

Sorry for diverting the group from the Advaita of Sri
Sankara, but Ashish's mail just triggered this.

Swamy SV

--- Ashish Chandra <ramkisno at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
> On Fri, 19 Jul 2002 12:11:39 -0700, MSR
> <miinalochanii at YAHOO.COM> wrote:
> >namaste Ashish:
> >
> >Sri Ramakrishna himself claims that he is an
> avatara of Lord Narayana
> >-- he is emphatic that he is not talking in
> metaphysical sense, lest
> >Vivekananda might misinterpret it that way (see
> Gospel just before he
> >passes away). There are differences between avatara
> of iishvara and
> >jiivanamukta.
> >
> >Of course whether you accept his claim or not is a
> matter of faith.
> >
> Namaste Ravi
> Thanks for pointing that out. It is my mistake - I
> did not use the correct
> terminology. But I had used the word jivanmukta
> loosely to indicate one
> who knows his own true Self.
> Swami Vivekananda doubted Sri Ramakrishna even as
> the latter lay dying. I
> think this is when he mentioned to him as to why he
> doubted him (Sri
> Ramakrishna). It was Him - Rama and Krishna - all
> the while.
> In another portion, Sri Ramakrishna mentions that he
> was Narayana and
> Swami Vivekananda was the Rishi Nara who had been
> born (the story of the
> little child who bothers Rishi Nara in his samaadhi
> and forces him to go
> with him).
> It is not just a matter of faith - I think if I
> delve too much on saints'
> words, I easily get lost. One says do this and
> another says do that. Swami
> Sivananda says do yoga and don't drink chai (tea),
> Hanumanji says serve
> and love everyone and "take chai". I tell myself,
> best to surrender your
> intellect and your understanding and just do what
> makes your heart pure.
> Of course, this is my experience. Others may have
> separate
> notions/opinions.
> namaste
> ashish

in search of truth and with prayers to Govinda to help reach  that goal in this life itself, and with best wishes to you that your goals may be reached,

yours sincerely,

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