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>After Shri Rama brought Sitaji back from Lanka, he grew angry at Her and
>accused Her falsely causing Her to enter the fire as a test of Her virtue.
>The Devas led by Brahma and Indra had to come down from Heaven to remind
>Him that He was no no mortal king but Vishnu Bhagawan Himself.

Can you provide the reference where this story is mentioned thus. So far, I
have only read/heard/seen about the Agni Pariksha as being the means to 1.
Claim the real Sitaji back from Agnidev and 2) Demonstrate to the world
Sitaji's purity.

Shri Ram is not just considered an avatar, he is considered Parabrahman
Himself by Goswami Tulsidas in Ramcharitmanas. This is in an answer by
Shivji to Parvati's question "Is the Ram you talk of the Ram of Ayodhya,
the son of Dasharatha and the ideal son, brother and husband? Or is the
real Ram someone else?"


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