"Jagat satya!"

Ashish Chandra ramkisno at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Jul 23 11:01:17 CDT 2002

On Tue, 23 Jul 2002 11:22:59 -0400, Aniruddhan <ani at EE.WASHINGTON.EDU>

>namaste Sri Ashish,
>>disciples and they saw a Sadhu coiled up in the foetal position. Sri
>>Ramakrishna asked him: Is God one or many, and the Sadhu replied, He is
>>in Samaadhi and (appears as) many at other times.
>I'm not sure whether Sri Ramakrishna is addressing the "many gods vs one
>god" point or the non-dual experience of a JnAnI. If it is the latter, my
>understanding is that a JnAnI sees a non-dual Atman ALWAYS, and not only in
>samadhi. Samadhi is still a vyavaharic experience, I think.

Or he may be addressing both. We wouldn't know and can only speculate. But
what we can tell, or at least I can, is that is he is teaching his
disciples, and those who read him today, that the one that appears as many
is only One.

I don't think I am any expert on Sri Ramakrishna's teaching so I don't want
to mislead anyone. I have only read a portion of the Gospel, and that too
about two years back. So please do not make the mistake of thinking that I
am quoting Sri Ramakrishna. I only write what comes from memory. But the
practical implementation of Sri Ramakrishna's teachings will lead anyone to
the same conclusion, in my opinion.


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