"Jagat satya!"

Ashish Chandra ramkisno at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Jul 30 10:39:07 CDT 2002

On Tue, 30 Jul 2002 05:03:24 +0100, bhaskar.yr at IN.ABB.COM wrote:

>I'd like to make it clear that when I wrote all these mails, I was under
>the clutches of ISKCON without an iota of knowledge about advaita vedanta.
>Whatever they (ISKCON) taught me in bhagavatam classes I accepted as it is.
>Later on, after having the interaction with Sri Jaldhar & vidya shankar
>prabhuji, it's been proved that the episodes which explains adv. in a
>derogatory way are all concocted & fabricated by some bengali gaudiyas in
>padma purANa.  This has also been confirmed by some orthodox dvaitins &
>vishishtAdvaitins here in Bangalore.  Hence I request not to do any more
>retrospection as regards to my earlier mails.  I also wholeheatedly thank
>Srisha Rao prabhuji for his timely help.  Hope it is clear now.

I am sorry if I ended up giving the impression that you subscribe to the
views of ISKCON. I only referred to your email as a reference for some of
the arguments ISKCON followers make in their support. This issue i.e. of
Padma Purana, has been discussed on this list and almost everyone is aware,
at least those who followed the thread, that the Padma Purana references do
not even tally with Padma Purana existent in other parts (non-Bengal) of


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